Special Buffers

Buffers not only control the pH of crystallization but also contribute to the chemistry of the reagent with the component buffering ions and chemical species. Each pair from this series of broad-range buffers permits a wide range of pH values to be set up, thus allowing the pH to be changed without altering the buffer chemistry. These special buffers are ideal for applications where the number of stock solutions that can be used is limited, such as with most liquid handling robots. These buffers are also found in PACT premier™. They are provided as 2 x 100 mL untitrated buffer solutions at the pH’s specified.

SPG Buffer: Succinic acid, Sodium phosphate monobasic monohydrate, Glycine: pH 4.0-10.0
MIB Buffer: Sodium malonate dibasic monohydrate, Imidazole, Boric acid: pH 4.0-10.0
PCTP buffer: Sodium propionate, Sodium cacodylate trihydrate, Bis-Tris propane: pH 4.0-9.5
MMT Buffer: DL-Malic acid, MES monohydrate, Tris: pH 4.0-9.0
CHC buffer: Citric acid, HEPES, CHES: pH 4.0-10.0
AAB Buffer: Sodium acetate trihydrate, ADA, BICINE: pH 4.0-9.0
TBG Buffer: Sodium tartrate dibasic dihydrate, Bis-Tris, Gly-Gly: pH 4.0-9.0
Imidazole/Malic acid Buffer: Imidazole, DL-Malic acid: pH 5.5–8.5