SelenoMet: E.coli

Standard ready-to-use SelenoMethionine Media

Based on a synthetic M9 Minimal Media supplemented with Glucose, vitamins and amino acids with the exceptions of L-Methionine.

This ready-to-use and time saving product is only available from Molecular Dimensions.

  • Bacterial growth can be carried out either in the presence of L-methionine or L-selenomethionine (SeMet).
  • Plasmid expression constructs should be transformed into a methionine requiring auxotroph.
  • A glucose-free option is available for use with Novagen’s Overnight Express™ Autoinduction System I. Why not try new Dream overnight expression media?

“It was easy to use and I appreciate the fact that it comes in a complete kit.”

Julia Greenfield, University of Maryland, USA