SuperGlu Affinity HP Resin

SuperGlu Agarose Affinity Resin is designed for purification of GST fusion proteins and is compatible with all prokaryotic and eukaryotic expression systems. This affinity chromatography matrix consists of 7.5% cross-linked agarose, which is very homogeneous in size, yielding a high degree of reproducibility between individual purification runs. The protein binding capacity is up to 10 mg/mL resin.


  • Specificity – Glutathione-S-Transferase (GST Tag)
  • Matrix – 7.5% cross-linked Agarose
  • Binding capacity – 10 mg/ml
  • Bead size range – 32-60 µm
  • Maximum pressure – 72 psi
  • Stability/storage – pH 2-14
Super Ni-NTA Affinity HP Resin