Fastback Protein A & G Resins

We offer premium Protein A and Protein G Sepharose resin for single step affinity purification of polyclonal/monoclonal antibodies. Our recombinant Protein A and G Sepharose® FF Resins are designed for rapid purification of antibodies from serum, ascites and tissue culture supernatants. Protein A or G is covalently coupled to a Sepharose matrix providing high binding capacity (30 and 20 mg/ml human IgG (hIgG) respectively) with excellent flow rates (up to 120-140 psi).


  • Matrix – Sepharose
  • Binding capacity (human IgG) – 30 mg/ml (A), 20 mg/ml (G)
  • Bead size range – 60-165 µm (A), 45-165 µm (G),
  • Max pressure – 120-140 psi
  • Stability – pH 2.5-10 (A), pH 2-9 (G)
  • Storage – 2-8 ⁰C
Fastback Protein A & G Resins