Fastback Ni Advance Resin

Fastback Ni Advance Resin designed for faster purification of secreted proteins using cell culture supernatant. Nickel ions are carefully loaded onto an agarose matrix via chelating coupled ligand to obtain a stable affinity matrix with a high binding capacity for histidine residues.


  • Ideal for secreted proteins and all intracellular protein expression
  • Works in your protocol, regardless of sample origin whether eukaryotic (insect, yeast, HEK293 or CHO) and bacteria (E.coli)
  • Great results faster with fewer steps than conventional workflow – no need to buffer exchange your conditioned media; simply load clarified culture media directly on to the Ni Advance resin column.
  • Keep your buffer in its preferred conditions as Fastback Ni Advance resin is resistant to EDTA (up to 20mM) and DTT (up to 20 mM).
Fastback Ni Advance Resin