Proteus Ni Advance Spin Column Kit

Protein Ark’s HiFliQ Ni Advance spin column kit, is designed for rapid one-step batch binding purification, and ideal for preparative purification and contaminant removal. The Ni Advance FPLC spin column kit is supplied as loose resin with mini or midi spin columns, designed for affinity purification of poly-histidine tagged recombinant proteins by immobilized metal ion affinity chromatography (IMAC).

The Ni Advance Agarose resin provides high binding capacity with minimal Ni2+ ion leakage for high stability, chemical compatibility and reuse. Compatible with all common bench top and micro centrifuges which accept both 50ml and 2ml tubes.

Ni-Adv Kit User Guide

Features of the Ni Advance spin column kit:

• Fast and reliable affinity purification.
• Nickel ions are carefully loaded onto a 6% highly cross-linked agarose matrix via
chelating coupled ligand to obtain a stable affinity matrix with a high binding
capacity for histidine residues.
• High protein binding capacity combined with minimal Ni2+ ion leakage.
• Keep your buffer in its preferred conditions as Fastback Ni Advance resin is resistant
to EDTA (up to 20mM) and DTT (up to 20mM) for IMAC chromatography – Ni ions
remain bound to ligand
• Simple recharging procedure with Ni2+SO4.
• Rechargeable with other compatible metal ions (Co2+, Cu2+
, Zn2+, Fe3+, and Al3+) for
different binding affinities.