Calibre Scientific’s (Molecular Dimensions, Anatrace, Protein Ark, Microlytic, and NeXtal) portfolio can provide the tools you need at each step of your protein structural biology workflow: from protein expression through to structure determination.

Protein Expression
Molecular Dimensions offers a broad selection of bacterial protein expression media:

• From standard LB Broth to the richer broths, such as Superior Broth and Hyper Broth
• Liquid and powder versions available

Not sure which media is optimal for your protein of interest? Try our Media Optimization Kit (MD12-185), where multiple different formulations can be tested for protein expression.

Do you require heavy metal atoms to help solve the structure of your protein? Our Seleno Methionine labelling media (MD12-506) yields the same level protein induction as standard IPTG induction (PAL-IPTG-1000-100).

Protein Solubilisation and Encapsulation
Anatrace has been the gold standard for detergents and lipids used in membrane protein work since they launched the first commercially available version of DDM more than 30 years ago.

• Further advances and highlights include GDN and LMNG.

Are you struggling to choose the best detergent for purification of your membrane protein? The Detergent Selector Kit (do we have a part number?) is a high through-put screen containing 94 detergents; ideal for small-scale screening prior to scale-up.

Do you need to study your protein in its native membrane? Discover our SMAs and amphipols, which are highly effective for extracting the membrane protein with its native lipid bilayer; perfect for functional assays.

Protein Purification
At Protein, we offer a wide range of loose purification resins and pre-packed FPLC columns suitable for secondary polishing steps (e.g., IEX or SEC) and purifying:

• His-tagged proteins (Ni-NTA, Ni-IDA, Ni-Adv, Co-NTA, Co-IDA)
• GST-tagged proteins (Super-GLU)
• DNA binding proteins (Heparin)
• Antibodies (Protein A or G)

Have you tried our Quick Coomassie protein stain (GEN-QC-STAIN-1L) yet? It’s economical and gives robust results from SDS-PAGE gels withing 10-15 minutes.

Protein Structure Determination
Molecular Dimensions, Nextal and Microlytic offer a full range of solutions for protein crystallisation, from crystal growth and harvesting to shipping and storage. Highlights include:

• Large range of crystallisation screens and plates
• Actiloops and Litholoops for crystal harvesting
• Storage and shipping solutions e.g., Unipucks and dry shippers

For an overview of the products available to support your protein structural biology workflow, view our new poster.

If you would like more information, please contact our Technical team:

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