Protein G Sepharose FF Resin

Protein G Sepharose FF Resin range is affinity resin with Protein G immobilized to highly cross-linked agarose-based Sepharose beads.

Protein G binds to the Fc region of IgG from a variety of mammalian species. Protein G Sepharose may be used to isolate and purify classes, subclasses and fragments of immunoglobins from any biological fluid or cell culture medium. Protein G Sepharose is extremely useful for isolation of immune complexes.

The potential applications of Protein G include practically all of the current and projected applications of Protein A. Protein G and Protein A, however, have different IgG binding specificities, dependent on the origin of the IgG. Compared to Protein A, Protein G binds more strongly to polyclonal IgG, for example, from cow, sheep and horse. Furthermore, unlike Protein A, Protein G binds polyclonal rat IgG, human IgG3and mouse IgG1.

The range of Protein G Sepharose FF Resin media is developed and supported for production scale chromatography. Regulatory Support File (RSF) ≥is available to assist process validation and submissions to regulatory authorities.

Protein G Sepharose FF Resin: Suitable for most application from small scale to large bioprocessing scale