Protein Ark Acquires BioServUK

Protein Ark is an R&D and applications-driven life science consumable company offering a comprehensive range of sample preparation and separation kits and custom services from clone to protein, peptide to antibody for the clinical diagnostic and drug discovery research markets.

BioServUK Ltd is a specialist CRO/CMO company with expertise in the production and processing of bio-molecules, primarily antibodies and recombinant proteins. Using state of the art technology and working under an ISO 9001 quality system, BioservUK provides bioreagents to biotech, pharma, IVD manufacturers, universities and research institutes.

The acquisition of BioservUK strengthens our combined custom services offering. We now offer custom chromatography column packing for lab and bioprocess customers and custom de novo manufacture and bulk production of synthetic peptides, recombinant proteins and antibodies up to 10’s and 100s of grammes.