Realtime Stain – 400 preparations, approx. 40 gels (2 ml)

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SDS-PAGE Reinvented

This kit contains enough Realtime stain for 40 gels (400 lanes).


2 x 1 ml Realtime Stain Vial, 1 x 5 mg BSA Positive Control, 1 x Vivaspin 20 (10 kDa MWCO), 1 x (10 x 10 cm Gel White Screen), 1 x (8 x 10 cm Gel White Screen), 2 x User Guides, 1 x Easy Guide


RAPID:                      10 min 1-step instant stain. Stain present in proprietary Realtime Sample Buffer

REALTIME:                 Instant visualization of protein bands. Results in 10 min depending on size of the protein or polypeptide.

SENSITIVE:                 Lower limit is 50 ng protein standard. More sensitive than pre-stained protein ladders.

LINEAR RANGE:          No background staining, enabling fast visualization of proteins.

HIGH RESOLUTION:    Sharp protein bands that you would expect from traditional Coomassie Staining. Behaves like Coomassie!

DURABLE:                  Single use!

SHELF-LIFE:               1 year at room temperature.

IP:                             Patent Pending

Realtime Stain Downloads

Realtime Stain Brochure
Realtime Stain Userguide
Realtime VS20 Userguide
Realtime Stain MSDS
Realtime Stain & Quick Coomassie Brochure


1 review for Realtime Stain – 400 preparations, approx. 40 gels (2 ml)

  1. Mark Frost

    This stain greatly reduces the waiting time in the workflow of purifying proteins, as fractions from an FPLC system can be incubated with this Realtime stain and run on any standard SDS-PAGE gel. The fractions which contain protein are identifiable within the first few minutes of the gel running, and a general impression of the MW of the proteins is seen within 10 minutes.

    This stain works very well for proteins with a MW greater than 100kDa and it is possible to see proteins of ~70kDa, but any proteins that are 50kDa and smaller cannot be resolved at all, they become a smear, and cannot even be stained afterwards with normal Coomassie staining methods.

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