Realtime Stain – 40 preparations, approx. 4 gels (0.2 ml)

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This kit contains enough Realtime stain for 4 gels (40 lanes).


1 x 0.2 ml Realtime Stain Vial, 1 x 5 mg BSA Positive Control, 1 x (10 x 10 cm Gel White Screen), 1 x (8 x 10 cm Gel White Screen), 1 x User Guide, 1 x Easy Guide


RAPID: 10 min 1-step instant stain. Stain present in proprietary Realtime Sample Buffer

REALTIME: Instant visualization of protein bands. Results in 10-20 min depending on size of the protein or polypeptide.

SENSITIVE: Lower limit is 50 ng protein standard. More sensitive than pre-stained protein ladders.

LINEAR RANGE: No background staining, enabling fast visualization of proteins.

HIGH RESOLUTION: Sharp protein bands that you would expect from traditional Coomassie Staining. Behaves like Coomassie!

DURABLE: Single use!

SHELF-LIFE: 1 year at room temperature.

IP: Patent Pending

Realtime Stain Downloads

Realtime Stain Brochure
Realtime Stain Userguide
Realtime VS20 Userguide
Realtime Stain MSDS
Realtime Stain & Quick Coomassie Brochure



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