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8 reviews for Quick Coomassie Stain (1L)

  1. Eddie McKenzie

    Fantastic – quick and highly sensitive. Better and importantly more affordable than other rapid coomassie stains I’ve tried.

    Univ of Manchester.

  2. Peter

    I have tried the QC Stain several times and am very pleased with the results! In order to bring down costs, I sometimes re-use commercial rapid coomassie stains when staining “non-critical” gels, and have found that QC compares favourably with InstantBlue on the 2nd and 3rd use (as well as the 1st use of course). I’ve now switched to QC!

    (Peter, University of Cambridge).

  3. J Taylor

    This Quick Coomassie stain works very well – strong bands become visible within minutes, weaker ones within an hour or so. The liquid remains clear throughout allowing good visibility, something that hasn’t always been true for another famous rapid stain. Overnight staining caused no problems and unlike that other stain I have yet to see any ghost bands, opaque backgrounds or destaining with time. As performance is better and it’s cheaper than competitors we are switching to this stain.

  4. Martin

    Fantastic! A lot better than other quick stains; bands appear very quickly, and the fact that you can re-use it multiple times makes it far more affordable as well. Will definitely be switching!

    (MRC, Cambridge)

  5. Nandita

    Works really well. Doesn’t smell as toxic as other stains I have used. Destaining is optional. I have yet to re-use the stain, but so far, so good.

  6. Dr Turapov

    During purification of proteins analysts have to wait a day/night for the results. It is very convenient to see proteins in a matter of minutes. We were very impressed by the Quick Coomassie Stain.

  7. Dr Alan Purvis

    Quick Coomassie clearly out performs our standard stain (Instant Blue) on speed, showing clearly defined bands after 1 minute and fully staining the gel after only 1 hour (Instant blue took 3 hours to fully stain a duplicate gel). I should also say the stain appears to be very stable with residual background quickly washed off with water. I am converted!

    Dr Alan Purvis
    (Imperial College London)

  8. Woj

    Really fast staining (microwave is what you need), sharp bands, virtually no background, no need to decant to see your bands and it can be reused once or twice. That is the best thing I have seen so far. I’m glad to dump Sypro and silver staining. (Woj, Imperial College).

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