ProteoSEC Dynamic 26/60 3-70 HR SEC Column: 26 mm ID x 60 cm Bed Length; 3-70 kDA HR Resin



Protein Ark?s ProteoSEC Dynamic Size Exclusion Columns (SEC) utilize a high
performance rigid resin derived from a co-polymer of Dextran and
Agarose. We offer 3 different column sizes: 11/30, 16/60 and 26/60
columns with Superdex? S75 pg and Superdex? S200 pg behaviour. Our
?6-600? HR acrylic columns have a protein separation range within 6kDa
to 600 kDa and the ?3-70? HR acrylic columns have a protein separation
range within 3kDa to 70kDa. Both these HR acrylic columns are ideal for
high definition preparative protein polishing steps using all aqueous
buffers, at room temperature and in the cold room.


  • High resolution (HR) preparative grade columns with comparable
    performance to GE Healthcare Superdex? 200 pg (6-600 HR) and Superdex?
    75 pg (3-70 HR) SEC columns.
  • The 6-600 HR column has a separation range of 6-600 kDa. The 3-70 HR column has a separation range of 3-70 kDa.
  • Each column is certified for Height Equivalent  to a Theoretical Plate
    (HETP) and peak asymmetry: Theoretical Plate Number: > 10,000 N/m
    & Peak Asymmetry: 0.7-1.5.
  • Three different column sizes:  11/30, 16/60 & 26/60 available with 3-70 HR resin or 6-600 HR resin.
  • Both High Resolution (HR) resins are co-polymers of dextran and agarose and have a mean particle size of ca. 35 ?m (20-50 ?m).


ProteoSEC Column Brochure
ProteoSEC Column Datasheet


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