ProteoSEC Dynamic 16/60 3-70 HR SEC Column: 16 mm ID x 60 cm Bed Length; 3-70 kDA HR Resin


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Gel Filtration is a proven technique which is widely used for size-based molecular separation. ProteoSEC Gel Filtration resin is specially designed for high resolution and high recovery fractionation of biological molecules based on their molecular weights. Pre-packed ProteoSEC Gel Filtration resin is available in 3 column formats: 11/30, 16/60 and 26/60.

ProteoSEC Gel Filtration resin has a balanced design formulated to offer high recovery and high selectivity according to individual applications. The key benefits are:

  • High resolution
  • High selectivity
  • High recovery
  • Highly scalable
  • Excellent physical and mechanical stability
  • Cost effective

The base matrix is a highly cross-linked polysaccharide composite resin and is very stable in the presence of most aqueous solutions and organic solvents.


ProteoSEC Dynamic Column Userguide


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