Media Optimization Kit


1 Kit


The Media Optimization kit ​determines the best medium formulation for maximizing accumulation of recombinant proteins expressed in E. coli, utilizing a series of proprietary expression media as well as two reference media. Four of these unique blends, Turbo Broth™, Superior Broth™, Power Broth,™ Hyper Broth™, are contained in the original Media Optimization Kit™ along with reference media LB Broth and Glucose M9Y. These blends of media have proven to be the most widely applicable formulations showing consistently superior performance over the traditional medium, LB Broth. The kit also includes the APF (Animal Product-Free) media Turbo Prime Broth™, Turbo Prime-olate Broth™, Superior Prime Broth™, Superior Prime-olate Broth™, Power Prime Broth,™ and Power Prime-olate Broth™. Each of these media are APF Certified™.


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