Magnite Green DNA Stain


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The Protein Ark Magnite Green DNA stain is a new nuclei acid stain that can be used as a safer alternative to the traditional Ethidium Bromide stain for detecting nucleic acids in different gels (agarose, formaldehyde and polyacrylamide gels). It is as sensitive as Ethidium Bromide and can be used in exactly the same way for gel electrophoresis.

Compatible with a wide variety of gel reading instruments:

  • Two secondary fluorescence excitation peaks (~270 nm; ~290 nm)
  • One strong excitation peak (~490 nm)
  • Fluorescence emission centred at ~530 nm
  • Emits green fluorescence when bound to ssDNA, dsDNA or RNA and be used for precast of agarose gels

Note: Post staining is recommended for better sensitivity.


Pre-casting Post-staining*
– Prepare 100 ml of agarose (0.8-3.0%)

– Heat until solution is visible

– Add 4-6??l of Magnite Green DNA stain

– Load samples and run electrophoresis

– Detect UV bands

For <0.5 cm thick agarose gel, 10-25ʵl of the stain should be used per 100 ml of buffer

*Optimal staining time (5-60 minutes) and the amount of the stain may depend on the thickness of the gel and the percentage of agarose.

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Magnite Green DNA stain (1 ml) 1 ml PAL-E-MGS-100


Protein Ark Magnite Green DNA stain Datasheet
Protein Ark Magnite Green DNA stain MSDS


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