HiFliQ 1ml Ni Advance Column: 1 x 1ml


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‘- Ideal for secreted proteins and all intracellular protein expression

– Works in your protocol, regardless of sample origin whether?eukaryotic (insect, yeast, HEK293 or CHO) and bacteria (E.coli)

– Great results faster with fewer steps than conventional workflow – no need to buffer exchange your conditioned media; simply load clarified culture media directly on to the Ni Advance resin column.

– Keep your buffer in its preferred conditions as Fastback Ni Advance resin is resistant to?EDTA (up to 20mM)?and?DTT (up to 20 mM).


Protein Ark HiFliQ Ni Adv FPLC Columns Datasheet
Protein Ark HiFliQ Ni Adv Resin SDS


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