Hi-Flow DNA Purification Spin Columns, 24 Pack

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  • Mini DNA Release spin columns are designed for quick and easy reconstitution and retrieval of dried DNA product with minimal loss.
  • Very convenient for the DNA samples stored on dried substrate and transported between research labs.
  • Fit all standard microfuges and allow you to process multiple samples in parallel.
  • Special dual cycle ethylene-oxide treatment of the DNA Release spin columns which require Sterile, DNA-free consumables.
  • Novel large volume sample format.
  • Use for the optimal purification and recovery of limited DNA from a variety of difficult samples including forensic casework, human remains and clinical pathology specimens such as bone, teeth and formalin-fixed paraffin embedded material.
  • Hi-Flow spin columns have a 20ml capacity give highly efficient purifications.
  • No clogging of the Hi-Flow membrane, no organic extractions required, just use crude extracts.
  • Special dual-cycle ethylene-oxide treatment of the Hi-Flow spin columns mitigates extraneous contamination issues.
  • Ideal for forensic and human identification labs requiring DNA-free consumables.

Total Start volume 18ml (3 ml crude extract and 15ml silica binding buffer):

Crude Extract Sample Size (bp) Time Taken to Recover
Purified DNA Concentrate
Recovery (%)
g-Force (xg)
Human Bone, Degraded >100 <120 min >95% 2,600
High Molecular Weight
Genomic DNA, Human
>10,000 <120 min >80% 2,600



Proteus Hi-Flow DNA Purification Spin Column Userguide
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