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The Protein Ark Elite Agarose tablets contain everything necessary for an easy preparation of an agarose gel in desired gel percentage. Provided in four different formats, our tablets are ideal for routine DNA and RNA gel electrophoresis and blotting assays. Each tablet contains Ultrapure agarose.

– Prepare your gel in minutes, all you need is water!

– Ready-to-Use tablet format: no messy weighing and improved gel-to-gel reproducibility

– Ultrapure agarose allows for high resolution of DNA fragment and low background


  • Soak the tablet in running buffer for 1-3 minutes (or until it is dissolved) before heating. DO NOT use hot buffer to dissolve the tablet.
  • Heat the solution until it is clear and visually all particles are dissolved.
  • Cool the solution to approximately 60?C before pouring it out.
  • Add DNA dye if needed
  • Run the gel in used running buffer and detect bands under Blue light or UV illuminator.


Gel % 1 tablet 2 tablets 3 tablets
1% 50 ml 100 ml 150 ml
1.5% 33 ml 66 ml 100 ml
2% 25 ml 50 ml 75 ml


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Elite Agarose tablets (100 tablets) 100 tablets PAL-E-AG-100


Protein Ark Elite Agarose Tablets Datasheet
Protein Ark Elite Agarose Tablets SDS


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