What are the best detergents for membrane protein solubilisation?

  • 400 different detergent (non-ionic, ionic, Zwitterionic)
  • Critical micelle concentration (CMC) concentration (0.3-10x CMC typically used)
  • Ionic strength of the solution (100-200 mM NaCl typically used)
  • Purity (α-isomer content)
  • Micelle size and shape
  • Compatibility with purification techniques
  • Removal techniques (dialysis, ion-exchange, size-exclusion chromatography)
  • Mixed detergents eg Cholesterol & CHS / exchanging detergents

Properties of Non-Ionic Detergents
  • 60% of structures are solved with non-ionic detergents: DDM, DM, NG, OG, LDAO
  • DDM remains the defacto detergent of choice for many membrane protein extractions.

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