Optima PRO De-Salting Plates

The Optima PRO De-salting Plate is designed for small-scale de-salting, buffer exchange and removal of low molecular weight materials (e.g. imidazole) from larger biomolecules, or macromolecules such as proteins. Optima PRO de-salting plates are gel filtration plates consisting of 800 µl bed volume in a standardized array for processing Protein samples >5kDa. Optima PRO de-salting plate can be used for the removal of DNA primers and fragments (up to 20 bases), nucleotides labelled with biotin, isotopes, and other assorted markers.

The Optima PRO De-salting Plate provides convenient small-scale preparation of protein samples post affinity purification, or prior to analysis techniques such as gel electrophoresis, liquid chromatography and LC-MS. Designed for imidazole removal, desalting and buffer exchange.