Optima PRO De-Salting Plates

The Optima PRO De-salting Plate is designed for small-scale de-salting, buffer exchange and removal of low molecular weight materials (e.g. imidazole) from larger biomolecules, or macromolecules such as proteins. Optima PRO de-salting plates are gel filtration plates consisting of 800 µl bed volume in a standardized array for processing Protein samples >5kDa. Optima PRO de-salting plate can be used for the removal of DNA primers and fragments (up to 20 bases), nucleotides labelled with biotin, isotopes, and other assorted markers.

The Optima PRO De-salting Plate provides convenient small-scale preparation of protein samples post affinity purification, or prior to analysis techniques such as gel electrophoresis, liquid chromatography and LC-MS. Designed for imidazole removal, desalting and buffer exchange.

Product Name Optima PRO De-salting Kit
Protein Application Removal of salts, low molecular weight impurities (e.g: imidazole) and buffer exchange
DNA Application Removal of DNA primers and fragments (up to 20 bases), buffers, nucleotides labelled with biotin, isotopes and other markers
Plate Format 96 well
Mode of Operation Centrifugation (bench-top or floor model)
Positive Pressure (e.g: Tecan Resolvex A200)
Total Processing Time Centrifugation – 8mins
Tecan ResolveX A200 – 2mins
Optimal Centrifugation Conditions 900 x g
Gel Matrix Zetadex G50 resin
Gel Bed Volume 800 µl
Removal of Salt: (200 μl 1M NaCl) Up to 99%
For Processing Proteins* > 5 kDa
Protein Recovery > 90%
Maximum Sample Volume 300 µl
Minimum Sample Volume 50 µl
Plastic Polypropylene
Storage Buffer 20 % Ethanol
Working pH 2-13
Storage Conditions 4°C
Expiry 2-3 years
Pack Sizes 2, 10 and 50 de-salting plates

*Smaller proteins may need to be centrifuged longer in order to elute.