Octyl Agarose Resins

Octyl Agarose Resins are hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC) adsorbents having a carbon chain of C4, benzene ring and C8, respectively. They are specially designed for the purification of biological molecules based on their hydrophobicity profiles. 

HIC is a versatile technique and could show high selectivity to individual molecules according to their exposed hydrophobic zones. It is particularly useful for intermediate and final-stage purifications. A HIC medium normally binds at moderate to high salt concentrations. It is logical to place HIC step after an IEX step where molecules are usually eluted at high salt conditions. 

HIC media shows much milder purification conditions than reversed phase chromatography (RPC) media. Better biological activity could be maintained in HIC operations than RPC operations. 

Protein Ark’s HIC media offers a broad range of choices. Generally speaking, the longer the carbon chain, the higher the surface hydrophobicity. The base matrix is made of agarose that has been highly cross-linked. It is very stable to most of the chemical conditions experienced in bioprocessing industry. Process developers and manufacturers have the chance to choose the best HIC media for their applications. The core advantages are: 

  • High sample loading capacity 
  • More choices than other suppliers 
  • High separation power 
  • All versions can be scaled up and produced for GMP use 
  • Regulatory support files available