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Effective solutions: from clone-to-protein and from peptide-to-antibody

Our new catalogue includes high quality products and services for each step of your protein production workflow: Expression; Filtration; Purification; and Analysis.

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What’s inside?

We offer a comprehensive range of sample preparation products, separation kits, and custom services to help streamline and advance our customers’ research, from clone-to-protein and from peptide-to-antibody. You’ll find some lab favourites such as our ultra-pure IPTG, high-performing Quick Coomassie protein stain and reliable HiFliQ purification columns.

Products and services include:

  • DNA Electrophoresis: Ladders, Stains, and Agarose Tablets
  • Protein Expression Reagents
  • Clarification Spin Columns
  • Protein Purification Buffers
  • Chromatography Resins
  • Proteus Detergent Exchange Mini Spin Columns
  • Pre-Packed Columns and Custom Column Packing
  • Empty Columns
  • Ultrafiltration Concentrators
  • Protein Electrophoresis: Ladders, Stains, and more
What’s new?

We’ve added several new product ranges to support your research, e.g., buffers, resins and columns for purification protocols and Western blot substrates to facilitate analysis.

  • See pages 5 and 6 for Protein Expression Media
  • See page 9 for Purification Buffers
  • See page 16 for HIC Chromatography Resins
  • See page 24 for Large Scale HiFliQ FPLC Columns
  • See page 26 for Optima PRO High Throughput Purification Screens
  • See page 33 Western Blot Substrates

Protein Expression Media – See pages 5 and 6
You’ll find our new Media Optimization Kit™; the ideal solution for rapidly determining the optimal media formulation for maximising yield of recombinant proteins expressed in E. coli. We’ve also introduced a range of reagents for efficient SelenoMet labelling that eliminate the need for a separate inducer.

Purification Buffers – See page 9
Discover our new range of standard lysis, binding, wash and elution buffers. We can supply them in a variety of pack sizes and a range of pH values to suit your application requirements.

Large Scale Columns – See page 24
Our HiFliQ FPLC columns are now available in 10, 20 and 50 ml volumes. Pre-packed with our complete resin range, and ideal for fast and reliable affinity purification.

Optima PRO 24-well Plate Screens – See page 26
The new Optima PRO 24-well screens are designed for high throughput protein purification in batch mode. These screens deliver one step filtration and purification.

 Western Blot Substrates – See page 33
Two sensitive luminol-based enhanced chemiluminescent substrates. Both are compatible with immunoblotting with horseradish peroxidase (HRP)—conjugated secondary antibodies. Options to suit abundant and less abundant proteins in your Western blot.

Other highlights

Quick Coomassie Protein Stain – See page 32
This popular stain offers one-step, highly sensitive protein staining for accurate quantification. Reusable (up to 3 times) and fast: bands start to appear within minutes. Find out more in our catalogue and request a sample pack.

HiFliQ FPLC Columns – See pages 22 and 23
Our original 1 ml and 5 ml pre-packed columns offer a fast and reliable solutions for affinity purification. They’re available pre-packed with our full range of resins, including Protein A, Protein G, Ni-NTA, Co-NTA, GST and more.

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