Magnetic Irreversible Thiol-Coupling Resin

Magnetic Irreversible Thiol-Coupling Resins used to make magnetic adsorbents to immobilize thiol containing molecules. The coupling chemistry is based on a haloacetyl activation method that is a successful and well-documented technique. The reaction to the thiol group is highly specific and the formed bond is irreversible. The coupling reaction is rapid and easy to carry out. No toxic chemicals or special equipment is required. 

Magnetic Irreversible Thiol-Coupling Resin medium forms an extremely stable thioether bond with ligands containing thiol (i.e. sulphhydryl) groups. It has a long spacer arm (12 atoms) that facilitates much improved ligand accessibility. This pre-activated magnetic agarose resin can be readily employed to make various magnetic affinity chromatography media for both small scale and large scale purification applications. After binding of target molecules, the magnetic resin can be readily isolated from the biological feedstocks with the aid of a magnet.