Magnetic Hydrazide Activated Resins

Magnetic Hydrazide Activated Resin is a magnetic agarose resin that is particularly useful for making glycoprotein-attached magnetic adsorbents. 

Hydrazide-activated agarose permits the coupling of aldehyde- or ketone-containing ligands through the formation of stable hydrazone linkages. It is a particularly powerful way to immobilize glycoproteins via their carbohydrate chains while leaving critical active sites intact. It is a method called “site-directed immobilization”. For example, antibodies can be immobilized to an agarose solid support through a linkage to their glycosylated side chain that leaves their Fab region free for antigen binding. 

Glycoproteins can be readily oxidized with sodium periodate to generate formyl groups on their carbohydrate chains before the coupling reaction with Magnetic Hydrazide Activated Resin. It is a successful and well-documented technique. The coupling reaction is mild and easy to carry out. No toxic chemical or special equipment is required. 

Magnetic Hydrazide Activated Resin can be readily employed to make custom affinity chromatography media for both small scale and large scale purification applications.