Magnetic Glutathione Resins

Magnetic Glutathione resin is a magnetic affinity chromatography medium used for the rapid one-step purification of Glutathione S-transferase (GST)-tagged proteins with the aid of a magnet. Other Glutathione S-transferases and Glutathione-binding proteins can also be purified with this adsorbent. 

Reduced Glutathione ligand is immobilised to the carefully designed magnetic support via very stable thiolether linkages. 

GST-tagged proteins expressed in bacteria, yeasts, insects and mammalian cell cultures can be readily purified in a single purification step. After binding of target molecules, the magnetic resin can be readily isolated from the biological feedstocks with the aid of a magnet. GST tag can be cleaved in a bound condition or in an eluted condition by specific proteases.