LB Broth

Since the production of recombinant proteins can vary significantly depending on the type of medium employed, we recommend using the Media Optimization Kit™ to find out which medium is best for your protein.

Athena offers three variations of the basic nutrient-rich media (Miller, Lennox, and Luria) as well as their APF Certified™ equivalents made using Athena’s proprietary blended plant protein hydrolysate: Atholate™. The formulations each provide an abundance of peptides and peptones, vitamins and trace elements, and differ only in sodium chloride content and whether they were made with casein hydrolysate or Atholate™. The differences allow the researchers to select which formula will provide the ideal osmotic conditions for their particular bacterial strain and desired culture conditions.

Each LB Broth and APF LB Broth can be custom ordered in bulk.