Protein Ark's clarification Mini spin columns are designed to remove micro-organisms, particles and precipitates larger the 0.2 µm pore size from aqueous solutions. The Proteus Mini spin columns have a hold-up volume less than 3 µm and utilize the lowest protein-binding membrane available. They are ideal for all sub-1 ml sample preparation applications eg NMR, light scattering etc.


  • 0.2 μm hydrophilic PVDF membrane
  • 650 μl sample volume
  • Fits all standard micro-centrifuges


Proteus Mini Purification Spin Column Datasheet
Proteus Mini Clarification Spin Column Datasheet
Pack of 100 Mini Clarification Spin Columns (0.2 µm pore size, Hydrophilic PVDF membrane)
Protein Ark’s Proteus mini purification spin columns are designed for small scale protein purific..
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