IEX Super Plus Resins

Super Q Plus, DEAE Plus, S Plus and Super CM Plus are a group of strong anion exchange, weak anion exchange, strong cation exchange and weak cation exchange media with tentacle chains, respectively. The binding capacity and binding kinetics is much higher than our Super IEX resins (Q, DEAE, SP & CM). Protein Ark’s Super Plus range of resins is particularly useful, due to its high resolution with high loading capacity, in a process that requires to purify difficult molecules at high throughput and cost-effective ways. 

Protein Ark’s DEAE & CM Super Plus media has a balanced design to offer high resolution power and also high loading capacity to separate similar components in bioprocessing applications. The core advantages are: 

  • High sample loading capacity at high flow 
  • High resolution at high loading 

The base matrix is made of highly cross-linked agarose and dextran with excellent flow property. It is very stable to most of the chemical conditions experienced in the bioprocessing industry.