Hyper Broth

Since the production of recombinant proteins can vary significantly depending on the type of medium employed, we recommend using the Media Optimization Kit™ to find out which medium is best for your protein.

This medium yields the highest level of biomass of all our media. The medium is buffered at pH 7.3 ± 0.2 and has the highest buffering capacity of our Expression Media, which permits high glucose levels. For expression of recombinant proteins, induction should be done at cell densities three times that of LB Broth. Cell yields are typically 5 times that of LB Broth depending on the strain. Plasmid copy numbers are significantly higher than they are for LB Broth.

This medium is suitable as the base for fermentation cultures and is excellent for feed-batch applications. Biomass yields will depend on the process and the strain employed. Hyper Broth™ powder is supplied with a separate Glucose Nutrient Mix.