Protein Ark offers a range of chromatography columns suitable for protein purification; from empty FliQ FPLC columns (1 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml & 20 ml), pre-packed HiFliQ® FPLC columns (1 ml & 5 ml) to batch incubation spin columns and Proteus pre-packed spin column kits. With over 25 years chromatography experience, we have laboratory columns to suit all your protein purification needs.

  • The Proteus FliQ FPLC columns designed for 1 to 20 ml resin volume with simple packing procedure and universal 10-32 UNF threads compatible with all standard chromatography instruments (including GE Healthcare’s AKTA systems).
  • Proteus 1ml and 5 ml HiFliQ® FPLC columns are designed for effortless purification of recombinant proteins and antibodies. These columns are pre-packed with exceptional high performance resins eg Heparin, Ni-NTA agarose, Co-NTA agarose, Glutatione Agarose, Protein A Agarose and Protein G Agarose to ensure robust and reliable separation each and every time.