Realtime Stain

Realtime stain is a revolutionary dual use protein visualization and sample loading buffer specially formulated for SDS polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE). A unique alternative to the current post-staining techniques; simply add the Realtime stain to your protein sample and heat, then watch your protein bands appear in the first 5-10 minutes of the gel running. The simple protocol offers you the flexibility to optimize and customize the labelling efficiency with the capability to generate your own pre-stained molecular weight standards.


  • Applications (3 in 1): Protein pre-staining – Sample loading buffer – Molecular weight standard production
  • Cost effective: 40 lanes / 4 gels (0.2 ml) – 400 lanes / 40 gels (2 ml)
  • Optimize: Time & temperature – Reducing agent
  • SDS PAGE compatibility: Cast & pre-cast gels (inc: Tris Glycine, Tris HEPES, & Bis-Tris)
  • Sensitivity: Linear range down to 50 ng
  • Samples: Optimized for pure and partially-pure protein samples
  • Ultra filtration columns (UFC): 1x Vivaspin 20, 10,000 kDa (2 ml only) (Molecular weight standard production)