Elite Pre-stained Protein Ladder

The Elite Pre-stained Protein Ladder is a three-color protein standard with 10 pre-stained proteins covering a wide range of molecular weights, from 6.5 to 270 kDa. Designed for monitoring protein separation during PAGE and providing clear electro-transfer to commonly used membranes.

  • High-intensity, 3-colour molecular weight determination
  • Ultra-clear and expanded molecular weight range (6.5 – 270 kDa)
  • Clear separation for high molecular weight proteins
  • Up to 100% electroblot transfer efficiency (Seema Qamar, CIMR, Cambridge University 2018)
  • LICOR-compatible
Elite Pre-stained Protein Ladder

Elite Pre-stained Protein Ladder vs Novex Sharp Pre-stained Protein Standard (ThermoFisher)


Gel buffer: 4-12% Bis-Tris, MES

Lane 1: Novex Sharp 5 µl
Lane 2: Novex Sharp 10 µl

Lane 3: Elite Protein Ladder 5 µl
Lane 4: Elite Protein Ladder 10 µl

Data provided by: Qamar S, Cambridge Institute
for Medical Research, Cambridge, UK, October 2018.