Proteus Protein A & G Spin Column Kits

A unique aspect of Pro-Chem’s invention involves a proprietary flow regulator which is designed to control the flow rate of the sample through the agarose column. The flow regulator substantially increases the yield and purity of the purified target protein or antibody. No other company offers spin columns with the flow regulator and without the flow regulator, binding capacities and purities drop by over 75% in a spin column. Kits are supplied with powerful, affinity and single step spin columns, clear and unambiguous protocols, a detailed reference handbook, desalting/buffer exchange columns and ready-to-use buffers. Multiple samples can be purified at the same time with high reproducibility for rapid purification of your antibodies. This makes them ideal for checking, titering, method development, scouting, screening and preparative antibody purification.

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