Rapid Proteus Antibody & His-tagged Protein Purification Spin Columns

Proteus spin columns are convenient and easy to use. Kits are supplied with powerful, affinity and single step spin columns, clear and unambiguous protocols, a detailed reference handbook, desalting/buffer exchange columns and ready-to-use buffers. Multiple samples can be purified at the same time with high reproducibility for rapid purification of your antibodies or 6xHis-tagged recombinant proteins. These spin columns contain a unique flow regulator that imparts flow rate control during the centrifugation step. Sample loading is performed at a flow rate close to 1 ml/min. In this way, you get the speed of a spin column and the purities and yields of a gravity column. The high capture efficientcies generate typical capacities of 20-30 mg IgG or His-tagged protein in under 50 mins.