Protein Ark Protein Purification Buffers are off-the shelf, pre-made buffers, offering convenience, quality and reproducibility.


  • Convenience: Ready-to-use, 0.22µm filter-sterilized
  • Reproducibility:Low / no batch-batch variation. Manufactured under ISO 9001 QMS
  • Short lead-times:2–3-day Leadtime for all standard buffers
  • Variable pack sizes: 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1L and larger
  • Broad pH range: Specify the pH of the buffer when ordering
  • Customizable: Please contact us with your protein purification buffer requirements

SPG Buffer: Succinic acid, Sodium phosphate monobasic monohydrate, Glycine: pH 4.0-10.0
MIB Buffer: Sodium malonate dibasic monohydrate, Imidazole, Boric acid: pH 4.0-10.0
PCTP buffer: Sodium propionate, Sodium cacodylate trihydrate, Bis-Tris propane: pH 4.0-9.5
MMT Buffer: DL-Malic acid, MES monohydrate, Tris: pH 4.0-9.0
CHC buffer: Citric acid, HEPES, CHES: pH 4.0-10.0
AAB Buffer: Sodium acetate trihydrate, ADA, BICINE: pH 4.0-9.0
TBG Buffer: Sodium tartrate dibasic dihydrate, Bis-Tris, Gly-Gly: pH 4.0-9.0
Imidazole/Malic acid Buffer: Imidazole, DL-Malic acid: pH 5.5–8.5