Ultrapure IPTG

IPTG induces the transcription of the gene coding for ß-galactosidase, an enzyme that promotes lactose utilization, by binding and inhibiting the LacI repressor. IPTG is widely used as it cannot be metabolized by E. coli so its concentration remains constant through the in vivo study. We offer ultra-pure (crystallization-grade) IPTG (>99.5% purity).

IPTG is extremely hygroscopic, especially as it is stored at -20°C. Over time, if the IPTG bottle is open as soon as it is removed from the freezer, the IPTG will absorb water from the atmosphere and begin to form an amorphous sludge. To ensure a fresh supply for a multi-user laboratory, we now offer the 25G IPTG as 5 x 5 G bottles at no extra charge. The order code is GEN-S-02122-5x5G.