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OE – The Find Engine: A discovery and knowledge interrogator tool offering life scientists instant access to millions of full-text publications.

Custom column packing service now available!: A comprehensive, fast and reliable HiFliQ lab column packing service.

Empty Proteus 1-step batch spin columns: Unique spin columns offering batch control incubation with all chromatography resins.

Empty FliQ AKTA® columns: Robust empty FPLC columns for all agarose resins.

Pre-packed HiFliQ AKTA® columns: 1 ml and 5 ml FPLC columns filled with gold standard agarose resins.

Pre-packed ProteoSEC AKTA® columns: Affordable and premium SEC columns for fractionating 3-70 kDa and 6-600 kDa protein preps.

Proteus X-spinner UF concentrator: Guaranteed best protein recoveries in the market. Ideal for very dilute, sticky or viscous protein samples.

Quick Coomassie stain: The Market Leader. A Rapid 15 min, re-usable Coomassie Stain.

Optima PRO Screen

The Unique Hands-free, Drip-free,
Clog-free HT Protein Purification Plate

Custom Services

Online services from clone
to protein, peptide to antibody.


Protein Ark is looking actively
for distribution around the world.

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