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Protein Ark - the protein company
Custom Service Enquiries
New online services forms for fast, no hassle, competitive pricing. From clone to protein, peptide to antibody.
Protein Expression & Purification
E. coli, Insect & Mammalian (HEK & CHO)
Custom Peptide Synthesis
No Peptide-No Fee Guarantee! The Best Prices Ever!
Custom Antibody Production
Polyclonal Rabbit antibody from £650. Monoclonal Mouse antibody from £3,000.
Realtime Stain
Quick Coomassie Stain
15 min biosafe 1-step protein stain.
Ultra Pure IPTG
Dioxane-free Crystallization-grade IPTG (>99.5% purity)
Proteus NoEndo Spin Columns
3-4 log endotoxin reduction, >90% protein recovery.
1-Step Batch Midi Spin Columns
Revolutionary new way to batch purify your proteins.
FliQ Rapid Purification Kits
Unique empty and robust FPLC columns for all resins.
Proteus Rapid Purification Kits
Flow Rate Control in a Spin Column for Antibody and His-tagged Protein Purification
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Protein Ark

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